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Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon, located at: 58 a Sakharova Str., Lviv, warmly welcomes beautiful representatives of the fair sex and offers various kinds of image-building hairdressing services.

In Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon you will be offered a modern haircut, permanent wave, hair dyeing, and hair treatment with the use of cosmetic preparations of the leading world brands in accordance with the latest technologies. For 22 years, Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon has been offering its customers high-class hairdos and make-ups, performed by talented experienced specialists with the degree in arts and real stylists. Evening hairdos, prom hairdos, and, of course, wedding hairdos combined with an appropriate make-up will be remembered by you forever, since Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon pays special attention to these types of services and attempts to maximally emphasize your best and most interesting facial features and skillfully conceal defects, if any.

Manicure, pedicure, gel nail extension, shellac covering, wax depilation, sugar depilation, art nail design – all these services will be provided in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon. If you or your children get hungry, you will be lavished with homelike care at the coffee bar of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon and will be offered the best sorts of coffee and tea with our own homemade fresh-baked pastry and fresh-made sandwiches and appetizers.

If you are in a hurry, you can get express servicing at LAVANDA LADIES Beauty Salon that will take only up to 15-20 minutes. And if you visit LAVANDA LADIES Beauty Salon to get relaxed, having sufficient amount of free time, you will be offered maximal relaxation with hair treatment procedures, such as hair masks, hair massage and many others.

For already 15 years LAVANDA LADIES Beauty Salon provides hair extension service being very popular and not only among the young women. Recently, we have mastered micro extension of hair – a new, not less popular method.

Customer’s photography session is an exclusive services offered by LAVANDA LADIES Beauty Salon. It is not surprising that after your magical transformation you will be willing to make some commemorative photos at the professional photo studio, also in our LAVANDA LADIES Beauty Salon located at 58 a Sakharova Str.



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