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«Lavanda Ladies»

Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon is the first private beauty salon in Lviv.

It was established in 1989. At that time it was a cooperative hair salon that functioned at the Kineskop plant and was situated in Hrunvaldska St, 11. At that time we held an area of 30 m2 in the basement.

However, for two recent years we have been working in new spacious (250 m2) salon at the address: Sakharova St, 58, Lviv. The number of our clients increases year by year.

A bit of history: when everything was starting, in 1989, the country (then it was USSR) went through revolutionary changes in everything, including the sphere of hairdressing. Soviet hairdressers offered trite and stereotyped old-fashioned hairstyles. Equipment and raw materials were only of domestic production. Examples of high-fashion hairdos could only be seen in the western films. Glossy magazines were not available at that time at all.

Iryna Kuziv, who opened first beauty salon – Lavanda Ladies – in Lviv, became a creator of new images, new technologies and new vision of hairdressing service.

Iryna Kuziv was the first who started to do makeup to all clients without exception: day, evening, special occasion makeup. Thus, hair styling has become the decorative framing to the face. Such an approach broke down a lot of stereotypes in creating new images and that has become a real impetus for further study abroad. Neighboring Poland was the country which was a place for regular hairdressing festivals, training, where the newest technologies and samples of work of leading stylists around the world were demonstrated. Iryna Kuziv participated in many seminars and workshops, attended numerous exhibitions. Her salon was the first that worked with L’Oreal and Wella products.

Her skills were also developed in modeling of hairstyles. Special occasions and wedding hairstyles, up-dos and makeup is what Iryna Kuziv got her name and reputation as a unique and renowned professional.


Nowadays the team of the salon is energized by young hair and beauty professionals. Talented masters: hairstylists, makeup artists, colorists, etc share their devotion with the clients.

Iryna Kuziv was the first one who began to photograph her works and in 1990s she began her career in professional photography. Now the interior walls of the salon are decorated with portraits of women whose images from the very beginning till the finishing touch were created by Iryna Kuziv with the true mastership of artist.

However, a continuous flow of clients and appointments scheduled for a few months in advance did not allow her to participate in competitions and demonstrate her mastery.

Nevertheless, in 2005 Iryna Kuziv together with her assistant Liudmyla Vasyliuk and Roksana Bondarenko, who appeared in the role of model (now a leading salon stylist), visited St. Petersburg and participated in the international competition organized by Sexy Hair company under the slogan “You are the best, you are number one!” And they gained the victory! Prize was a trip to the USA for training.

Iryna Kuziv and her professionals continue to improve their professional level and visit hairdressing fashion festivals, seminars, workshops in Paris, Barcelona and in a lot of other cities of the world.