Hair Extension

The majority of women dream about voluminous long hair. The experts of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon will make your dream come true with the help of hair extension technology. Hair extension can quickly add the desired volume if your hair is thin, conceal the damaged hair, extend your hair by 60-70 cm.

Нарощування волосся Нарощування волосся

Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon uses natural Slavic hair for the extension process. Hair locks are glued at the distance of 1 cm from the hair roots. Therefore, the length of your own hair should be at least 4-5 cm. There are different technologies of hair extension, such as French, Italian, English, etc. Our beauty salon uses the English hair extension technology «RACOON».

Нарощування волосся

According to this technology, hair is extended with the help of a special glue pistol and organic keratin composition. The gluing point bonds your hair and a lock of 35-50 hairs and is totally invisible. At the same time, your own hair is not damaged and grows further. Extended hair can last up to 3 months without correction (not more). If you wish, the added locks can be removed quite easily. Having consulted with the specialist of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon, you can reach the effect of highlighting or colorization by adding locks of a different colour in the process of extension. You will look stunningly!

Нарощування волосся Нарощування волосся

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