Evening and wedding hairstyles

Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon is specialized on evening and wedding hairstyles both for long and short hair. However, we have a number of rules.

First of all, a hairdo is inseparable from a makeup. Hairstyle and makeup is a foundation of your image. The second rule is image stylistics. The hair stylist clarifies the plan of the client in advance: what clothes and accessories she plans to wear today, what is the type of the event, where it will be held, etc. For example, if this is a banquet in Hutsulska Kolyba, your image should ideally be in the ethno style.

Вечірні та весільні зачіски

However, if this is an evening in the Opera House, your hairstyle and makeup should be of the evening style.

Вечірні та весільні зачіски 

An evening hairdo is not necessarily a “ship” on the head. Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon respects elegant simplicity. We always follow a golden rule: “Your image should look naturally.” Organized carelessness is always very popular and up-to-date. There is even a joke: “A real woman should have everything natural, even the false eyelashes.”

Stylists of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon often use additional hair locks, chignons, hairpieces, coloured locks. Therefore, if your own hair is short, but you would like to have long and voluminous hair – no problem! We can also attach hair on clips, having selected the colour that best matches your own colour tone, and your success is guaranteed! After that you will be ready to extend your hair for 2-3 months, and certainly you will do this in Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon!

The leading stylist Iryna Kuziv often uses in evening hairstyles a method of changing hair length and volume. It is not always an artificial hair extension. Sometimes Iryna imitates a short haircut on the long hair, for example a bob cut. The most important is to achieve an unexpected effect.

Вечірні та весільні зачіски

Today, evening hairdos in the style of a certain epoch are in fashion. This is retro of 30-ies, 50-ies, 60-ies. Stylists of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon will select the images of Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, or any other film star individually for you.

Вечірні та весільні зачіски Вечірні та весільні зачіски

After that, we can’t help making a photo of you in our photo studio!

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