Hair Colouring

Your hair is dull, dry, fragile. Familiar situation? Unfortunately, this is often a result of unsuccessful hair dyeing at home. Also the colour offered by manufacturers in fact looks on your hair totally different, because all people have their own characteristics (condition and structure of your hair, your individual colour tone). To make your hair look healthy and shining, and to ensure you are satisfied with your appearance, you should dye your hair only in a specialized beauty salon.

The leading stylist of “Lavanda Ladies” beauty salon Iryna Kuziv and the colorist Tetyana Roy will not only help you to select the hair-dye colour that will maximally match your skin tone, eye colour, harmonize with your external and inner image, accentuate your individuality, but also will offer to combine different options of hair colouring: toning (adds shine, saturates hair colour), highlighting (bleaching of thin hair locks, creates an effect of the play of sunlight on your hair), colorization (dyeing of separate locks using several colour tones).

Фарбування волосся Фарбування волосся

Specially for you, our experts will select a colour pattern that will help to correct your face shape, to make your hair more voluminous.

Фарбування волосся Фарбування волосся

Don’t forget about gray hair. A woman of any age (the gray hair has long ago ceased to be a sign of aging) should not have the gray hair. The professionals can recommend you the best colour for hair dyeing. As a result, your hair will be ideally and evenly dyed, and will look naturally. And you will feel yourself beautiful and stylish.

Фарбування волосся Фарбування волосся

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