Healthy hear is in fashion

Usually with the help of hair styling in Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon you can create a hairdo that will make your hair look shiny, vibrant, and healthy. But sometimes we desperately want our hair to look as healthy as in our childhood even without hair setting. Especially now, in spring, when we start to see ourselves in a new light, we want to look perfectly, fresh and spring-like! After winter frosts and winds, wearing of headgear, because of the deficit of vitamins in our organism, steady stresses and unhealthy diet, our hair needs additional attention. In such moments you should address with this problem to a trichologist, who deals with the issues of prevention of diseases and treatment of hair and scalp.

Лікування та відновлення волосся Лікування та відновлення волосся

Trichologist of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon Liudmyla Vasyliuk and other specialists, including colorists, will consult you on the issues of regeneration and prevention of hair loss, and give a course of treatment for your hair and scalp, because healthy hair is impossible without a healthy scalp and good health condition of the whole organism. Personally for you, our experts will choose an individual treatment program with the use of specialized remedial and regenerating agents.

For hair regeneration and treatment, Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon uses the products of René Furterer and Phytodess (DESSANGE) brands. Their composition includes saturated and concentrated plant elements – essential oils and plant extracts, as well as microelements and sea minerals. It ensures a complex natural approach to the health and beauty of your hair. Owing to the remedial qualities of plants ad minerals, your hair will look healthy, radiant, strong, and shiny.

This has a direct positive impact on the well-doing of a woman, her mood and self-esteem!

Лікування та відновлення волосся Лікування та відновлення волосся

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