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Hair Colouring

Specially for you, our experts will select a colour pattern that will help to correct your face shape, to make your hair more voluminous.

Лікування та відновлення волосся
Healthy hear
is in fashion

Trichologist of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon Liudmyla Vasyliuk and other specialists, including colorists, will consult you on the issues of regeneration and prevention of hair loss, and give a course of treatment for your hair and scalp, because healthy hair is impossible without a healthy scalp and good health condition of the whole organism. Personally for you, our experts will choose an individual treatment program with the use of specialized remedial and regenerating agents.

Нарощування волосся

The majority of women dream about voluminous long hair. The experts of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon will make your dream come true with the help of hair extension technology. Hair extension can quickly add the desired volume if your hair is thin, conceal the damaged hair, extend your hair by 60-70 cm.

Вечірні та весільні зачіски
evening hair

Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon is specialized on evening and wedding hairstyles both for long and short hair. However, we have a number of rules.

Випускні зачіски

For Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon hairstyle and makeup is a single integrated image. No girl can suspect how beautiful she can be, until the specialists of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon work on her appearance! The contrasts can be really stunning. In front of our eyes you will in no time turn from a Cinderella to a magic fairly-tale princess! Usually, after such transformations the world view and the whole future life of a girl change!

Манікюр та педікюр

Well cared-for, smooth hands and fingers with neat manicure and toes with nice pedicure is an integral part of the accomplished image of a real lady.

In Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon in Lviv, such services as manicure and pedicure are immensely popular. Specialists Natalya Zherebycka and Halyna Hrynkiv are the high-class professionals.

Воскова та цукрова депіляція
Воскова та цукрова

 Воскова депіляція – один з найефективніших способів позбутися небажаного волосся на тілі. Цей метод дозволяє зробити шкіру гладкою на 3-4 тижні. Високий рівень сервісу, доступна ціна і відмінна якість – девіз нашого салону.

Також ми надаємо послуги шукарінгу.


Not every beauty salon or hairdresser’s salon can boast of its own professional photo studio.

Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon in Lviv, which exists already for 22 years, is the first beauty salon, where the specialists at first create a new image of the clients, and then make photos of them. Iryna Kuziv, expert stylist that has been making women beautiful for more than 20 years, is also a professional photographer. However, she obtained the profession of photographer a bit later, about 5 years after the establishment of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon.