Not every beauty salon or hairdresser’s salon can boast of its own professional photo studio.

Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon in Lviv, which exists already for 22 years, is the first beauty salon, where the specialists at first create a new image of the clients, and then make photos of them. Iryna Kuziv, expert stylist that has been making women beautiful for more than 20 years, is also a professional photographer. However, she obtained the profession of photographer a bit later, about 5 years after the establishment of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon.



Iryna Kuziv repeatedly told that the hairdo and makeup, performed in Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon, is most often a work of art that has to be washed off and combed out in the evening. In this case, a photo camera comes to the rescue. A photo will capture your image transformation for ever. And these transformations can be astonishing. How can one keep from photographing them? This was the reason why we established a photo studio in our beauty salon. Afterwards, our walls became decorated with portraits of beautiful women that praise the maternity and beauty, portraits that show not only the aesthetic beauty, but also the internal harmony.

Today, visitors of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon very often come here not only for beauty services, but also to make a professional photo session. There is one more photographer working in Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon – Inga Shakarian. She is a young, energetic and creative person, having her own style and creative approach to clients. Recently, Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon has started to make photo shooting with water. This process, as well as the new professional equipment, is called “Aqua Photo Studio”.

Iryna Kuziv repeatedly took part in various photo exhibitions, where she won top places. Her work titled “Mine Forever”, picturing a mother with a baby on her hands, was included into the international catalogue «WITH LOVE TO WOMEN». By the way, this international catalogue includes one more photo work of Iryna Kuziv under the title ”Game”, picturing a young girl with long hair. Clients of Lavanda Ladies Beauty Salon, who make photos here, most often become the models of Iryna Kuziv. These are women of any age. They willingly pose as models for Iryna Kuziv and Inga Shakarian.